Welcome to our budding website. We have much to post and we can't wait to share but in the meantime...

I often receive compliments like "I've never heard a dulcimer played like that before!" and "Have never heard anything more beautiful on the dulcimer".

Um, no.

You obviously have never heard Aaron O'Rourke play.

Compared to Aaron, I sound like I'm playing the dulcimer with a ball peen hammer!

I had the honor and privilege of taking classes from Aaron at the Menucha Dulcimer Festival. He is an incredibly humble and giving musician.

I am so delighted that he is such a "young'n" - Aaron won the National Championships at Walnut Valley at 25! - it means he will be improving, if you can imagine that, and sharing more of his art to delight and inspire the rest of us lesser beings.

Aaron: if you ever read this, I hope you will consider staying away from motorcycles, bungie jumping, parachuting, sports of any kind, sharp implements, and so on. We simply must have more of your music!