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Dulcimers ROCK


Winfield Top 5
Round One

First attempt at the National Championship in Winfield KS - 4th place! It was so much fun!

The Studio

We moved into our current home in June of 2016. One of the cool features of the house is the room I use for my studio. It has a hand-painted mural that covers two walls and part of the ceiling.

It was painted by Judith McKinney-Riley. She was assisted by Geri Baldwin over a period of several years and it was completed in 2005.

It is the perfect magical space to create music.

So much detail! The closer you look, the more you discover

tree on the ceiling

When you look closely, you can see a gnome in the photo above and see the brush strokes below.

purple flowers
me and sage

Look closely and you will see a fairy, a fox, a dragon, planets and galaxies and more in the photo above

me - dulcimers
Elvensong mobile background with logo

And now you know where the Elvensong logo and banner comes from!

Instrument Gallery


McCafferty Chromatic built by Terry McCafferty


The Bear Meadows Concert Grand baritone built by Dwain Wilder


This is a Quchin an ancient Chinese instrument

scheitholt - main

A modern German Scheitholt built by Jack Ferguson

Blue Lion -open mic
Blue Lion Dulcimer

This beautiful Blue Lion has been with me since 1994. She has aged wonderfully and is my 2nd best friend.

Lady June Janelle - 1920

Lady June Janelle - 1987 Folkroots built by Howard Rugg

XTRM LadyJane detail
Lady June Janelle - signature

Close-up showing the detail in the flowers on Lady June Janelle - a 1987 Folkroots found on eBay - named for the original owner, June Keck and her best friend who painted this gem, Janelle Johnson. Thank you so much for this beautiful work of art and for providing its history, Janelle!

Brown Eyes

"Brown Eyes" - Western Red Cedar top, Purple Heart fretboard, Walnut back and sides - built by Jack Ferguson at


The Kurviga model built by Bradford Jennings


On the left, a Ukulele I built at Arbutus Folk School - on the right a Cordoba Tenor Ukulele